Wholesale bakery cookiesWe’re going to make a bold statement. We believe, and our customers’ experiences have confirmed, that our cookies’ beautifully-executed and brightly colored designs will attract shoppers into your bakery. Our dependably-delicious buttery goodness, lightly sweet icing, and clever designs keep them coming back.

Drawing traffic is even more important today as consumer trends show a move to multi-store shopping, especially among millennials.

Why O’ My Goodness

A Treat for the Senses

Gorgeous handcrafted designs entice shoppers to browse the display case or cookie basket. Our individually wrapped cookies feel like something special in transparent cellophane packages tied with colorful nylon tulle.

They are just right for gifts, party favors, special occasions or affordable indulgences for friends and family. (Our cookies also make a great treat to be savored on the way home from the store.)

Our buttery cookie dough (no shortening) is made with simple, natural ingredients, and we use a lightly sweet royal icing. Our recipes ensure cookies are firm enough to withstand handling but still have a very pleasurable texture. The cookies are:

  • Kosher certified
  • Nut and peanut free (packaged cookies). Bulk cookies also are nut and peanut free if your facilities are.
  • AIB GMP Certified

Variety = Added Sales

Customers who have the most success with our cookies during traditional holiday buying seasons have one thing in common. They carry our cookies year round. Our changing array of designs creates more than 20 buying opportunities throughout the year.

The result: shoppers check back to see what’s new leading to impulse buys and added sales.

Pricing and ROI

Although O’ My Goodness cookies are often at a more premium price point, consumers see them as an affordable indulgence.

Sales per square foot range from $1,000 annually from smaller stores in areas with lower-to-moderate income demographics to more than $7,000 for larger retailers in stores with higher-income demographics. Average returns are approximately $3,000 per square foot per year.

Ordering and Shipping

We have three product groups: holiday, special occasions and everyday. You can select your own mix of designs or tell us the group(s) you want and we’ll send you our best sellers. Custom orders are always welcome. Add us to your special order program!

Case orders: We recommend orders in multiples of 72 per case, as this is the most economical order quantity, although we do support lower quantities. Most frequently, the smaller shipments are special orders or holiday refills.

Bulk cookies are available by the pallet with a minimum of 30 mixed cases. Individually packaged cookies have a shelf life of six months even though we use no preservatives. Retailers should have sell-through in three to four weeks.

We ship to distribution centers or store direct, and we are EDI enabled.

We Work Hard for Your Business

Our highest aims in customer relationships are to achieve our shared goals while being easy to work with. Here are some ways we do that:

  • Free tasting samples
  • Design custom case packs across all stores, by region or even by individual store
  • Ship to distribution centers or store direct
  • Encourage refills
  • Custom orders
  • On time delivery
  • Customer’s choice of single UPC code or individual UPCs with your price

Contact us now to see how O’ My Goodness can help make your bakery a customer favorite.